Nobody needs a throwaway bit of plastic that you use for literally minutes and that lives on for hundreds and hundreds of years!


These sturdy stainless steel straws are an amazing alternative to one-use plastic straws. No chemicals are passed into the liquids you drink, and it doesn't change its flavour. Enough said!

Soda Straws - Set of 4

SKU: 9
    • 4 bent straws: rose gold, gold, silver, carbon black
    • Stainless steel 
    • Thin style, diameter 6mm, weight 14.2g, height 205mm
    • Come in their own cotton drawstring pouch with a special slim cleaning brush
    • Suitable for soda (soft drinks), water, iced coffee, smoothies, kids' juices, and other non-pulpy drinks
    • Engraved with Seed & Sprout logo
    • Won't go soggy and hard to suck like paper straws
    • Tastes 1000% better


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