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20 Seconds to HIIT it!

Can you believe 2 mins of exercise a WEEK can transform your body!?!

Knowing how much I love HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), my friend let me know of a show available online now on ABC iView - Truth About Exercise. In it they conducted a small experiment which included office workers. Some of the participants were believers in doing 1-1&1/2 hours of intense workouts on their own. They were tested for their aerobic fitness first and then retested after the 5 week experiment.

The experiment was a simple one. They installed a fitness bike in the office and they were asked to cycle as hard as they could in two bursts of 20 secs only 3 times a week which adds up to only 2 mins a week!!! Yes - a grand total of only 2 mins!!! The whole group averaged 11% increase in fitness in 5 weeks which astoundingly represents a 20% lower risk of certain diseases like heart disease.

So why is HIIT so effective? HIIT works by triggering changes deep inside the muscles. These changes were detected on the volunteers via ultrasound. The HIIT sprint clearly depletes the sugar stores in the muscles. The body responds to this stress by trying to make itself more resilient. It stimulates genes which improve the function of the whole cardiovascular system, including the heart.

So isn’t this great news that you can make such huge improvements in your fitness by working smarter not harder! Check out the documentary today! No one can say they haven’t got the time for 2 mins a week.

It could be the start of something amazing!

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