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Pita Bread Wraps

Lunchbox idea #5 - Pita Bread Wraps. This has to be my kid’s favourite! The key to a great lunchbox wrap is these gorgeous puffy pita breads instead of the thin ones. These were made by a Lebanese bakery in our town and are such a treat.

Vegan, Dairy Free

Makes 4 serves


4 pita breads

4 lettuce leaves

1 large grated carrot

4 Tbs Garlic aioli (vegan)

80g Vegan Cheese, grated

Garlic Tofu, sliced (or other flavours you like, purchased from your supermarket)

Baking paper for wrapping


1. Slice open the pita bread.

2. Line one side with the lettuce.

3. Pat down the carrot with paper towels to remove some of the moisture and lay on top of the lettuce.

4. Add the vegan cheese and garlic tofu chunks.

5. Spread the vegan aioli onto the other side of the pita bread before closing like a sandwich.

6. Lay a 30 cm piece of baking paper down on the bench and place a filled pita bread onto the middle.

7. Roll the paper at the same time as the pita bread sandwich allowing the paper to stay on the outside of the roll. When the pita is in a tight roll, twist the ends of the baking paper like a bon bon.

8. Slice through the middle for serving.

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