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Hippy Bowl Recipe & Mindful Eating

There is nothing more inviting than a rainbow of colour to great your senses. The old chinese proverb tells us that we eat first with our eyes. The colours just pop and you can feel yourself gearing up for that first bite! To be honest, on my own health journey, mindful eating has been one of the strategies that has driven me on to succeed. However, I didn't even realize it was a strategy or that I was employing it until much later.

When I first zoned in on gut health and learning about how important it was, not only for our physical health but our mental health, I started to look at the food I was eating in a whole new way. I was learning about how much benefit I would be getting from every bite. I was experimenting with new flavours of plant foods I was had never tried before in the belief that the diversity was building a strong gut biome. I also was taking this journey with a good friend and cooking and eating had just become a whole new joy. Right away, I was sitting down to every meal in anticipation and would savour the moments.

In a Marie Kondo'esque' way, this healthful food was 'sparking joy' for me. I wanted it to be beautiful and I wanted to sit down with my special people and gift it to them as well. I can only believe that this has been a huge part of why I have been so successful in the last 7 month. I have lost weight and gained energy and vitality that makes me feel a whole lot younger. No longer was I tempted to chase the myth that restrictive eating mentality could help in any way. I was no longer focused on what I couldn't have, (the usual diet mentality), but the amazing food that was going to build a new 'me' from the inside out.

Then I learned about 'mindful eating' and how much benefit it can have. There are benefits to how your body prepares to receive the food leading to better absorption of the the nutrients. It also helps with weight loss, alleviating feelings of stress, helps you to listen to your body's cues that you are satisfied, helps you be in the moment and enjoy life more! I even heard it reported that mindful eating can reduce the allergic reactions to the foods eaten.

I can testify that this is a game changer for me and I want to encourage everyone to fall in love with whole food, healthy food - food that will bring you a more of what you want. Eat the rainbow!





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