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Habit Stacking Challenge

Have you ever tried to start a new habit and it goes well for a time and then it drops off? Perhaps you keep trying to pick it up again from time to time over the years but it doesn't seem to stick - the problem is not with your motivation. Clearly, you see that it is a valuable habit to adopt. It might not even be a problem with your will. Given the right circumstances, you could easily choose to make it happen. It might not have worked in the past for you simply because you haven't been able to set yourself up for success. Well, I have discovered a wonderful strategy that could really boost your chance to add some beneficial habits into your daily routine without having to think about it so much. Its called Habit Stacking.

So what is habit stacking? It is getting stuff done by grouping together smaller tasks into chains of activity. The phrase 'habit stacking' was coined by author S.J Scott. His 2014 book Habit Stacking: 97 Small Life Changes that Take 5 minutes or less", encourages us to "build routines around habits that don't require effort". Whether you realise it or not, you have probably done a lot of habit stacking in your life so far. As children, perhaps your Mum taught you the routine: story time, bed and lights out. Or a morning routine before you walk out the door is something like - put your shoes on, grab your bag and lock the door. The point is, if your want to build a new habit into your routine, stack it onto something you are already doing and you have a great chance to stack the odds in keeping that habit going.

Below is a link to a free, beautiful PDF for you to download, outlining exactly what to do and when to do it. I want to challenge you to habit-stack with me to build 4 great habits into your daily routine:

  1. Drinking more water,

  2. Eating a big bowl of salad a day,

  3. Exercising for 10 mins, and,

  4. Practicing gratitude.

Most days during the challenge I will share a tip of the day, recipe or exercise idea! Follow me on our:

Facebook @thelipstickhippy

Instagram @thelipstickhippy_

If you'd like to follow along, feel free, and maybe see if you can grab a friend or a family member to do it with you!




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