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Gut Health Tips - Day 4

Tip 4 from @guthealthmd - How do I get more plant foods in? Start with the ones you love - tastebuds are connected to your gut biome. Think of all the fruits you love and start there. Perhaps you stick to the most common ones at first - bananas, apple and oranges. Add extra serves of the vegetables you like to your plate. Grab a handful of nuts for a snack. Sprinkle some seeds onto your salad. Perhaps there is a grain that you like but you haven't tried it in ages! How long has it been since you have had barley? Have it again. Add some to a soup. Too often we fall into traps of just eating from a limited variety of foods.

A great strategy is to wander down the fruit and vegetable aisle and choose some options that you either haven't had for a while or perhaps you've never even tried. On the plate pictured above, there is the gorgeous magenta coloured dragon fruit. I hadn't had one in a long time. And I just love it when lychee season comes around again. But also on this plate, tucked in there is a golden plum. I hadn't ever had one of those before. Sure, I've had deliciously sweet plumbs before, but the different coloured skin represents a whole range of different phytonutrients that are represented in that fruit. So don't forget to add in new varieties of the food you love. Even after one plant meal, you are changing your gut biome within hours.

Some people experience gas, bloating, changes in bowels as plant foods increase. This can be caused by FODMAPS (also people cut out wheat, barley and rye when doing gluten free) but Dr B from @guthealthmd warns - if you are going to eliminate them with a nutritionist, reintroduce them slowly and ‘moderate’ them. If they are eliminated this can do damage to gut biome. The key to good gut health is in the diversity of the plants that you eat.

Challenge 1 - Eat more of the plant foods you love - pile up your plate, and add some herbs. I

Challenge 2 - Every chance you get, introduce a new plant food to your plate.

As you take up these challenges, imagine how much good you are doing for your body. Enjoy the rainbow!

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