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Gut Health Tips - Day 3

Tip 3 from @theguthealthmd - PRObiotics are bacteria with proven health benefits. They are naturally created by the process of fermentation in foods. They feed on the fermented foods and unlock the health promoting nutrients in the PREbiotic (the plant fibre) = B vitamins, powerful antioxidants, healthy acids, reduced FODMAPS and antinutrients.

PREbiotic fibre goes through the small intestine undigested and is fermented when it reaches the large colon. Examples of these valuable fermented food are: sauerkraut (which is simply made up of water, salt and cabbage), kombucha (sweet tea and a living scoby) and miso, tempeh (both made from fermented soybeans). These are the kinds of healthful foods that mankind has been eating for millennia. It has only been since refrigeration has become so accessible that we have moved away from fermenting foods. At the same time we have almost lost a huge nutritional asset.

Studies have shown probiotic delivered in capsules that reach the colon have assisted in less bloating, helped absorption of nutrients, helped with specific conditions like ulcerative colitis and after a course of antibiotics. These probiotic bacteria needs to be in high concentrations and from a variety of kinds.

A good probiotic might have 10 strains and large concentrations. However, sauerkraut has upwards of 700 different probiotics and can be made with 3 ingredients on your counter. It adds a zing to your meals too.

Challenge - try a fermented food this week!

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