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Chocolate Raspberry Cake - gut health style!


Our Evan is 19 - Yay!

He's our firstborn and worthy of celebrating. So here is another opportunity for a celebration cake. All my three children have their birthdays close to Christmas so I have had a little run on creating celebration cakes lately :) First it was a raw mango cheesecake for my 16 year old, Blair. I managed to convince him to order a healthy option for his cake after he had O.D.ed on almost an entire block of Toblerone - the big one! I don't buy that stuff for them usually, what can I say? Not enough practice at portion control for chocolate! Anyone else have that problem? I need to teach that important life skill to my kids - ha!

Two weeks ago was our Dylan's 13th birthday - his 'Welcome to Teenagerism' cake was fun - Sorbet and Aquafaba Meringue. Check out the link for that one here. Such a pretty one!

I've been waiting patiently to share this recipe with you guys and I can't take it any longer - Chocolate Raspberry Cake - gut health style! What does that mean you might be asking. Well, there is something that you will hear me repeat a lot and that is - the key to gut health is in the diversity of plants that you eat. So it just makes sense to me that I am going to look for ways to make delicious food packed with a beautiful balance of plant foods.

The different flours I chose included coconut, oat, wheat and ground hemp hearts. The ganache was blended from rich dark chocolate (70%) and the solids of coconut cream. The raspberry sauce has only 3 ingredients and I love how it sparkled in the light.

The cake got a big thumbs up from some spunky visitors. What's more it is vegan, dairy and refined sugar free. Who's ready to tuck into it?

Well you gotta make it first :)




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