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Dual Rice Sushi

Sushi on repeat! That's what my kids ask for. Here is a great option for getting some awesome whole food ingredients into your sushi. Mix through some cooked black rice, a chewy packet of high protein and fibre. I also decided to make some tempura-like vegetables for the filling, but fully plant-based style. Give this one a go! I will certainly be making it again soon.

vegan, dairy free, refined sugar free

Makes 10 rolls


2 Tbsp chia seeds

1/2 cup water

1 carrot

1/2 large zucchini

100g pumpkin

50g mushrooms

1 small onion

1/2 tsp Himalayan salt

1/4 cup wholemeal flour

Olive Oil for shallow frying

1/4 cup panko crumb

250g cooked black rice

750g cooked white rice

1/4 cup apple cider vinegar

10 sheets of nori sheet (dried seaweed)


Step 1

Place the chia and water in a small bowl and mix vigorously with a spoon and let sit for 10 minutes to make 'chia eggs'. Set aside.

Step 2

Slice all the vegetables into matchstick-sized pieces. With the onion, cut it in half, peel the outer layer off and then slice from the outer edge to the heart in little crescent moon slices. Then sprinkle all the vegetables with salt and let sit for half an hour. This will remove some of the water from the vegetables. Pour off the water and sprinkle the vegetables with the wholemeal flour and mix through.

Step 3

Mix the chia eggs through the vegetables and then heat olive oil in a frying pan. Fry 2 Tbsp mounds of the vegetables, on medium heat. Heat for 2-3 minutes then sprinkle a little panko crumb on the top of the mounds before flipping and frying for another 2-3 minutes. Set aside on paper towels.

Step 4

Mix the white rice, black rice, and apple cider vinegar together. Lay a piece of plastic wrap on top of a tea towel, then lay one nori sheet (rough side up) on top of the plastic wrap. Spread a layer of the rice over half of the nori sheet in a layer to 1 cm thick (see the photo below). Place a few of the vegetable mounds in a row, along the middle of the rice layer. This will form the centre filling of the sushi. Also, have a cup of water nearby for the assembly stage.

Step 5

With the rice and vegetable layer closest to you, place your thumbs underneath the tea towel and lift the edge closest to you up and over the vegetable filling. Press gently with curved hands to shape the roll into an even log. Pull the tea towel back and away from the roll. Continue to press gently along the length of the log as you roll it away from you. Make sure that your roll is tightly packed—otherwise, it will fall apart when sliced and divided. Finally, when the roll is almost closed, dip your hand into the cup of water you laid nearby and wet the last little section of the nori sheet. It will act as a glue seal. Then close up the roll. Repeat until all 10 rolls are made.

Step 6

With a sharp knife, slice each roll into 1.5cm sections. It helps to have a clean knife with each cut. You can dip the knife in a glass full of hot water between each cut and then wipe on a paper towel. Enjoy your whole-food sushi immediately!

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