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Cherry Ripe Slice

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

Well, what a huge couple of weeks it has been! I have been away camping, but not the normal kind of camping. This camp we call Big Camp runs for 10 days and there are thousands of campers. Why would we do that!? Maybe a camp that size sounds kinda cool to you or maybe it sounds like something you would run from?! What is beautiful about Big Camp is the chance to hang out with a bunch of people who share a lot of the same values. We get to sing together, listen to inspirational speakers and recalibrate life. AND it's walking distance to the beach - the weather was divine!

Now as you can imagine, having a convention for that many people means there is a lot of planning and infrastructure that goes into making it run smoothly. I was blessed this year to be able to help by running one of the Cafes on site. I've never done that before, so it was a huge learning curve. I had a huge amount of help of some amazing ladies. That really was one of the highlights - the chance to serve together.

For those of you who know me will realise, in the lead up to camp the biggest highlight for me was recipe developing and testing the slices I wanted to serve. So here is the first recipe that I would love to share with you - Cherry Ripe Slice. It was the biggest hit and I can't wait to fill my freezer with it for a bite-sized after dinner treat. Hope you guys love it as much as I do.

Vegan, Dairy Free



1 cup almonds (140g)

1/3 cup cacao powder (25g)

3 Tbs coconut oil (50g)

2 Tbs maple syrup (100g)


2 cups desiccated coconut (160g)

1 cup destoned cherries (frozen or fresh) (140g)

1/3 cup raspberries (fresh or frozen) (45g)

1/2 cup dried cranberries (65g)

10 medjool dates (165g)

1/4 cup coconut cream (45g)

1 tsp vanilla extract

1 Tbs honey (40g)


1/2 cup coconut oil (105g)

1/2 cacao powder (45g)

1/3 cup maple syrup (42g)


1. Add all the ingredients for the base into a high powered blender and mix until it becomes a coarse crumb.

2. Press the crumb evenly into the base of a slice tray and then put the base into the freezer while you prepare the filling.

3. For the cherry centre, add the second set of ingredients to the blender and mix until the dates are smooth and combined. You still want to retain chunks of cranberries, so do not over blend.

4. Smooth the cherry mixture onto the base and set to the side.

5. Next, add the chocolate topping ingredients - coconut oil, cacao and maple syrup, to a small saucepan and stir over a medium heat until the mixture is combined and glossy.

6. Pour the chocolate mixture over the top of the cherry mixture. Allow it to partially harden on the bench before slicing. I have found that if you return it to the freezer and then try to slice it - well, yeah..it's messy. But cracked or sliced to perfection, it will tantalise your taste buds, I promise!

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