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Brown Rice and Lentil Patties with Turmeric Potato Bake and Steamed Vegetables

Updated: Oct 7, 2019

This meal is a labour of love - the love of plant-based eating! This meal has a few processes so will require preparation on a day when you have time to devote. The Turmeric Potato Bake (check out the photo and method below) is a adapted from my beloved Nanna's recipe and is worthy of a family gathering or special dinner. The patties are delicious if I do say so myself and they can be made in bulk and served up later with a salad for lunch, or they can be frozen for a quick meal another day. And there is nothing quite as colourful as steamed vegetables and the gravy is a quick make from the wonderful saved steamed vegetable water - capturing every last nutrient from them. So let this meal be a celebration of the goodness and delight of all those beautiful plants! Enjoy!



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