A little bit about me


I'm Kylie.

I’m passionate about health and have the first-hand experience about how much it can transform your life. In May 2018, I hit a wall - I hit burnout big time. I didn’t recognise myself and desperately wanted to find my joy, energy, and enthusiasm again. By losing 20% of my weight and being able to wake up excited for each day, I think I’ve found the best-kept secret that I hope to shout from the rooftops. 

This health journey I’ve been on has been a magical mystery ride. All the pieces of research and wisdom I’d gleaned over years suddenly came together for a perfect synergy that has been easy and joyful. I feel like a new woman and I want to take the mystery out of it for you. All these pieces of holistic health science have been my focus - gut health, intermittent fasting, HIIT, essential oils, mindfulness and gratitude, and eco-living. 

Through blogs, recipes, sharing my favourite products and developing courses, my desire is that this website will help kickstart the ‘happy’ for you and give you the tools to strengthen your body, mind, and spirit.